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When I started as Director of this prestigious institute in field of creative arts, I had the sole intent of providing an efficient working platform for dreamers; who tend to carve their imaginations and have the ability to realize them. Fortunately, resulting from our hard work and dedication, during past 4-5 years, we have improved a lot at par or may be even better than our expectations.

Through my work and life experience, I have always believed that in order to succeed you 'must' believe that 'You Can'. You need to realize that you are always much more than you already know of yourself. At every situation that we encounter in our life, it's only our own self that we need to get past.

What we teach at ZICA is to think outside the box, which is to never bound your creativity so as to affect its authenticity and uniqueness; because whether it's animation, interior designing or photography, each of its charm stems out of creativity. Focusing on which; we have trained a lot of skilled professionals of creative arts during recent past.

As we intent to proceed onto the journey of guiding and training creative professionals up to desire and demand, we are determined to keep our focus 'sharp' on motivating our students to dream big and work hard; to achieve what's not yet realized or not yet even imagined.

Anuj Singh
Director - ZICA Indore

Anuj Singh

He completed his B.E from Sinhgad College, Pune & started ZICA Indore with an aim of creating an environment which encourages excellence in Animation, VFX , Design & other New Age Courses. He has been Successfully running ZICA since last 14 years & is having an expertise in Digital Marketing, Photography, Brand Building & Entrepreneurship.

Director of ZICA Institute

Ashok Patel

Ashok Patel is an experienced CGI Generalist with over 15 years of experience in creating CGI and 3D animation. He holds a B.Com degree and a Diploma in 3D Animation and Visual Effects. He specializes in 3D Modeling, Digital Sculpting, Texturing, Lighting, and Animation. As a Certified Trainer through the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) & Media and Entertainment Skill Council (MESC), he trains individuals in 3D Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, and Animation.

Javed Khan

Our esteemed faculty, Javed khan, a rich blend of academic prowess and industry experience. With a B.Com graduation coupled with a Diploma in Multimedia, he brings over 13 years of invaluable insight to our Graphic Design program. Proficient in a plethora of softwares including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Indesign, Animate, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and 3ds Max, he offers unparalleled expertise to nurture the next generation of design innovators.

Shruti Dawar

She is the Centre Operational Head of the Zee Institute of Creative Arts, Indore. With an MBA in Finance and Foreign Trade, she has over nine years of experience working in this industry. Her academic foundation, combined with practical experience, has helped her with a holistic understanding of operational dynamics. Her expertise lies in streamlining workflows, implementing cost-effective measures and fostering a collaborative work environment.

Chaman Dawar

Chaman Dawar, an MBA in advertising and public relations, bringing over 2.5 years of experience in career counseling. With a knack for communication and a flair for articulation she excels in guiding individuals towards fulfilling career paths. In today's rapidly evolving job market she stays abreast of new-age courses and emerging trends, ensuring clients are equipped with the latest skills and knowledge to succeed in their chosen fields.

Apoorva Kesaria

Apoorva Kesaria, a seasoned professional in the realm of interior design. With a prestigious MSc in Interior Design and an impressive 12 years of industry expertise, Apoorva brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation to the table. Not only does she possess a deep understanding of design principles, but she also runs her own successful interior design studio, where she continues to push the boundaries of creativity and functionality.

Deepanshi Joshi

She specialize in fostering creativity and expertise in the domain of interior design. With a comprehensive B. Design program coupled with over 5 years of hands-on experience in the field, she is dedicated to guiding students towards becoming a skilled and innovative designer.

Charulata Gallani

Charu has completed her B Voc in Interior Design and M Voc in Interior Design With over 5 years of hands-on experience in the field of interior design, coupled with 1.5+ years dedicated to teaching, she brings a wealth of practical knowledge and pedagogical expertise to our institution. Passionate about merging real-world insights with academic rigor, Charu inspire and mentor aspiring designers to excel in this dynamic profession.

Lavina Goyal

Lavina Goyal, our digital marketing faculty, a seasoned professional with over 5 years of experience in the industry. As a proficient digital marketing trainer, she possess a knack for imparting knowledge effectively. Additionally, her expertise extends to Wix web development, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of both marketing strategies and technical implementation. With skills ranging from SEO optimization to social media management, she is equipped to guide students towards mastering the dynamic realm of digital marketing.

Akshay Morey

With 6 years of hands-on experience and a solid educational background encompassing a BSc in Media Graphics and Animation, alongside a PG Diploma in VFX, he brings a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise to the classroom. As a dedicated VFX faculty member, he is committed to fostering creativity, technical proficiency, and industry-relevant skills among the students, preparing them for success in the dynamic world of visual effects."

Anshul Rathore

With a solid foundation in Bcom graduation and specialized training including a Diploma in Graphic and Web Design, a Google Certificate in UX, and a Diploma in Design Thinking, he brings over a decade of experience to the realm of Graphic and UI/UX design. Passionate about crafting seamless user experiences, he looks forward to share insights and expertise with students eager to delve into the dynamic world of design.

Aakar Jain

A seasoned artist with over 12 years of experience in the field. With Diplomas in 2D Animation and graphics, filmmaking and animation, and fine arts, he brings a wealth of expertise to our institution. Specializing in comics illustration and storyboarding, he is adept at bringing narratives to life through striking visuals. Their extensive experience in production design for both fiction and commercial films ensures students gain practical insights into creating immersive cinematic worlds.

Samarth Julania

Samarth, an esteemed photography faculty member. With over 6 years of experience as a wedding and life style photographer, he brings practical insights and a passion for the art of photography to our students. His dedication to teach the craft ensures that our aspiring photographers receive top-notch instruction and guidance to excel in their own photographic journeys.

Sandeep Chouhan

A seasoned cinematic and photography faculty with over a decade of expertise, specializing in capturing the essence of weddings and studio settings. With a wealth of experience, they bring a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling to every project. With a portfolio enriched by a decade-long voyage in the industry, they stand ready to inspire and guide aspiring photographers towards excellence.

Lata Lachheta

With over a year of experience in guiding students towards their ideal career paths, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our telephone assistance service. She use her skills in understanding individual aspirations and matching them with the diverse range of courses our institute provides.

Mohini Mandloi

Bringing a wealth of knowledge from a B.Com background, she is here to guide you through our institution's diverse course offerings with personalized attention and insight through telephonic inquiries. Also helps in assisting students in navigating their course choices with expertise and care.

Muskan Porwal

Muskan, with an MBA in HR and Marketing, bringing over 4 years of invaluable experience to our institution. With a keen understanding of the corporate landscape, she excels in talent acquisition and employer branding. Her adeptness in relationship management, negotiation, and strategic planning ensures seamless placements for our students.

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